Loyalty Program

Timezone GOLD and PLATINUM cards can be availed for a cumulative Powercard load of P5,000 and P25,000 respectively in one specific Timezone outlet.

These cards entitle members to special Timezone privileges and specific benefits and discount at some food and retail establishments.

Power Privileges


Start your visit at Timezone with 1 free yellow swiper game for Gold or 3 free yellow swiper games for Platinum card members. There is no obligation for you to charge your card to receive your free game so long as you have reloaded a minimum of P100 at least once a month. Simply come along at your favorite Timezone center and swipe the game you wish to play.


Everytime you play at Timezone, you are playing at the Powerclub VIP rate currently available on our entire range of games.


Avail of a free 1-hour (for Gold) or 2-hour (for Platinum) Play-All-You-Can (for yellow swiper games only) birthday bash in Timezone. Gold and Platinum cardholders are entitled to a free birthday pack coupon which can be claimed from the center which issued the Gold/Platinum Card. This coupon can be used in any Timezone Center within 30 days before or after the celebrant’s birthday. The coupon entitles the cardholder and his friends (up to a maximum of 8 persons) to this Gold/Platinum Card exclusive. Gold and Platinum card members must have loaded at least P100 within the month to keep the card in active status and claim the birthday package.


Timezone Gold and Platinum card members earn 1 fun point for every purchase of P200 Powercard load and 2 fun points for every purchase of P500 Powercard load. Once a Gold card member accumulates a total of 50 fun points, he automatically gets a free P500 worth of Timezone Powercard load. Platinum card members who accumulate a total of 40 fun points also gets a free P500 worth of Timezone Powercard load.